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Good Quotes

From time to time, I email out quotes from good Christian authors, to share what has encouraged and built me up, and hopefully, to introduce you to some writers and books you, yourselves, might want to read. Now, I'm going to try to additionally put them on this page. Hope you enjoy and are built up in the Lord.
- Joel Linton, Summer 2004

Many schools place an emphasis on the "methods" of ministry (church growth model) and psychology in their pastoral counseling. [GPTS] taught me to know the Word of God, to preach the Word of God and to leave the results in the hands of God.

- Steve McGee, Missionary to Trinidad

Posted March 17, 2006

Wanted to share with you a quote that works out something people get confused about: How are we already holy before God, but at the same time being made holy before God? As the theologians put it... definitive sanctification and progressive sanctification.

"Not only does the Lord through forgiveness of sins receive and adopt us once for all into the church, but through the same means he preserves and protects us there. For what would be the point of providing a pardon for us that was destined to be of no use? Every godly man is his own witness that the Lord's mercy, if it were granted only once, would be void and illusory, since each is quite aware throughout his life of the many infirmities that need God's mercy. And clearly not in vain does God promise this grace especially to those of his own household; not in vain does he order the same message of reconciliation daily to be brought to them. So, carrying, as we do, the traces of sin around with us throughout life, unless we are sustained by the Lord's constant grace in forgiving our sins, we shall scarcely abide one moment in the church. But the Lord has called his children to eternal salvation. Therefore, they ought to ponder that there is pardon ever ready for their sins. Consequently, we must firmly believe that by God's generosity, mediated by Christ's merit, through the sanctification of the Spirit, sins have been and are daily pardoned to us who have been received and engrafted into the body of the church."

- John Calvin, INSTITUTES OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, Book Four "The External Means or Aids by which God Invites Us into the Society of Christ and Holds Us Therein" (translated by Ford Lewis Battles)

Posted June 24, 2004