Evangelism and Church-Planting in Taiwan

Taiwan Church Planting Partners
Did You Know? Taiwan has a fewer percentage of Christians than China: Taiwan (2-3%), China (6-8% and growing fast). Taiwan needs many more missionaries to help with evangelism and church planting. Taiwan has three major language groups: Taiwanese, Hakka, and Mandarin. New church-planters will need to decide which language to focus on. Taiwanese speakers comprise about 70 percent of the population, but only about 1 percent are professing Christians. Hakka speakers are about 12 percent of the population, but less than 1 percent are Christians. Of the Mandarin speakers, more are concentrated in the northern cities. Most are second generation Chinese immigrants, sometimes called "mainlanders" which make up fifteen percent of the population of Taiwan. But also many younger-generation Taiwanese of all ethnic groups speak mostly Mandarin because of their schooling.
Will join us in prayer for God to send more missionaries? Maybe as you pray, God will move your own heart to go.

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