March 2007 ~ TPL9.2

Dear friends and family,

Here are a few updates and prayer requests from Taiwan:

1. New believers:
I had the joy and privilege today of interviewing someone who professed his faith. He's been coming to our New Hope Taipei church plant for several months now.

In the next two weeks, two different people will be baptized. Please pray for them as they prepare to join the church.

There are also two or three other Taiwanese at New Hope who seem to be very close, but who do not quite feel ready yet to present themselves for baptism. I'm scheduled to meet with and interview one lady this Sunday. She and her husband have been coming to the introduction to Christianity class. She seems to believe the Gospel but has a few more concerns and questions like what to do about her extended family's ancestor worship if she gets baptized.

Please especially pray for the three in the Intro to Christianity class who really seem to believe the Gospel, but are uncertain in their minds about the final step of baptism and church membership. And please pray that I will be able to understand their thinking/doubts and clear up any areas in particular that they have yet to understand.

2. The seven month missionary intern, Eric Pilson, is moved in to his little room in a back alley of street opening to a temple near the National Taiwan University campus. He is beginning to outreach especially to college students. He's also going to be starting to teach an English Adult Sunday school class from Genesis at New Hope, among other labors. And this week, he started his Mandarin language classes. I'll be teaching through many pastoral issues and training him in many areas these next few months.

3. My Taiwanese language study is going well. Next month, on Easter, I'm scheduled to preach (in Taiwanese) at a Taiwanese church. I'm really excited, but it will be a major work in preparation this month.

4. Judy has quite a few events coming up in the next three months. Some are evangelistic concerts and some talks on infant care and child training. She's also been doing a wonderful job homeschooling Faith. Please pray this month as she applies for official approval and "homeschool recognition" with the Taiwanese Ministry of Education so we can meet all the official requirements. Sometimes the bureaucracy is quite confusing, but we do want to be able to keep homeschooling Faith.

Incidentally, if you missed the announcement, Faith made a profession of faith in February and joined the church. So last Sunday, which happened to be her 7 year birthday, she took Communion for the first time.

We praise the Lord for everything he is doing.

Keep praying for us, for sharing the Gospel, especially with Judy's extended family, and pray for more workers for the harvest.

IN Christ,

Rev. Joel and Judy Linton
Missionaries to Taiwan
Taiwan Church Planting Partners & Mission to the World

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