January 2007 ~ TPL9.1

Happy New Year. Can you believe it's already 2007?

We've just returned from a tour bus trip around the island, visiting five cities in five days. The girls did very well, as expected. They loved all the excitement and enjoyed being on the bus with 30 college students. They loved staying in all the new hotels. When we were at the hotel in Kaohsiung City in the south we experienced a very strong earthquake and aftershock, but all was well. The morning calls at 7:00 A.M. were hard for everyone, and we're still trying to recover from the trip now.

Now we're trying to get back to piano practices, homeschooling, cleaning house, dance classes. Joel is very busy with Taiwanese practice. This month will be quite exciting as about two people each Sunday will be sharing their testimonies. Over 10 people will be joining New Hope as members the first Sunday of February, the very first official membership of New Hope. Praise the Lord.

On New Year's Eve, we had a movie night and watched Chariots of Fire. It had been a long time, and we enjoyed the movie. And then we stayed up until midnight to watch the fireworks coming out of the world's tallest building Taipei 101, which we can see from our roof. The problem is that they only lasted for three minutes and by the time we got up there, there was only a haze of smoke surrounding the building. The smoke quickly cleared to reveal several stories high lights that said 2007 on the building.

This Sunday also will be my second week of Introduction to Christianity class at New Hope. There are three Taiwanese young women 20's-30's taking the class, and they are interested in baptism, though I can tell there is a lot they do not yet understand. But it is a huge step for them to be coming. Also, there were several other people in the background just listening, though not officially taking the class.

God bless you.

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